Invited Competition

The full Exhibition Architecture for the

the New Munch Museum, Oslo

Gustav Vasa 500 years

A performative exhibition experience

The Castle of Kalmar

1 st Prize in Competition

Commissioned Art

Malmö Laboratory building. 2023

Feasibility Study

Reception area, boutique, café, gallery and staff surfaces

Verket / Avesta Art

Award Winning

The New Permanent Exhibitions

The Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, Lund

1 st Prize in Competition

Transparency - Where the Space is an Artifact in itself!

Denmark at War & The Arsenal Collection

The Royal Arsenal/ National Museum of Copenhagen

The Miraculous. Music, Art and Science

Transmitted from the Earth to the Milky Way

The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm

Feasibility Study

Remodelling - a New Museum

Rörstrand Museum

1 st Prize in Competition

Magt - Power and Poetry.

23 screen sections 150 meter of a total screen

The Royal Arsenal Museum, Copenhagen

No Label!

Absolute Art Collection

Award Winning

500 Years of Monarchy

The Royal Armory, Stockholm

The Former Porcelain Factory

Exhibitions, Café, Museum shop, New entrance

Rörstrand Museum, Lidköping 2021

Transcendental Transmission

A Water and Light-reactive Audio Installation

Uppsala Cathedral 2021

Myths & Meetings - Jorn <<< Picasso

Tangible Units in Between Artworks

Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark

Invited Competition

Outdoor Monument Area

Jelling, Denmark


Science and the Performing arts

Dramaten and Nobel c/o


Sacred Art meets Contemporary Art in a Magnificent space

Uppsala Cathedral

One planet - One ocean

Mapping Water - an Immersive installation

In progress

The Collection

Verket / Avesta Art

1 st prize in competition

Destination. A blend of the poetic and the pragmatic portrayed between micro and macro

House of Sweden, Washington DC

Message in a bottle! Art or Ad?

Absolute Art Collection

Facts and Fantasies

5204. The Sound of Aluminium

Verket / Avesta Art

The Age of Entaglement

Stockholm Design Week

1 st prize in competition

Design, Arts and Crafts of the 1700s

Museum of Design and Craft, Gothenburg 2021

Pace. A Light Work Installation  

The light festival 9 ed, Uppsala 2021