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The Studio is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
Stockholm Pipersgatan 6 SE - 112 23 Stockholm Sweden
T +46 709 99 11 07
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As a high end design firm TAS works with the best people to create innovative solid projects.
The studio comprises of an experienced team of designers, artists, architects, specialists, curators and project managers.
As a team we provide complete projects using our in-house resources.
Furthermore we have a wide network of subcontractors within construction, lighting, electronics, programming, sound, moving and still images, crafts and the written word.

Join our team at TAS. For internships and applications mail your proposal and CV to

Tove Alderin.  
MA Artist / Spatial designer / Curator / Project manager
Founder and Artistic director. +46 709 99 11 07

Joakim Kling.
Architect, Designer and Maker specialized in woodworks +46 733 93 86 47

Elin Stampe. Spatial designer / Artist / Technical solutions / Researcher

Lisa Andrén. Interior architect / Spatial designer / Researcher

Sophia Wood. Strategic Communication / Creative Direction
Frederic Eklöf. Architect / Technical solutions
Maria Clauss. Script / Dramaturgy